STP 066—Writer FAQ’s

In this episode we answer frequently asked questions from writers in the community—questions we’re asked quite often, and questions from live YouTube viewers in the comments. Tune in to hear about how we promote ourselves on social media, what we do for fun, and other great questions from our audience.

STP 065—What is the Mary Sue?

The Mary Sue is an oft-maligned character trope in fiction, a pejorative for any character who seems to be a transposition of the author directly into the book—and an idealized version of the author, at that. In this episode we discuss the pitfalls of the Mary Sue and how to avoid falling into the trap of creating such a character.

STP 064—Fancy Writing Vs. Flat Writing

In this episode, Garrett, Crissy and Scott talk about how to turn flat, uninteresting writing into an epic, gripping tale that will keep your reader on the edge of their seat, pulling them from page to page throughout your book. It’s obviously a huge topic which we could cover endlessly, but some key points emerged:

  • A developmental editor is probably the single greatest tool you can use to improve your writing
  • Variance in rhythm, pacing, sentence length and structure, are all very important
  • Beta readers are vital

STP 063—Creating Emotion in Storytelling

Creating emotion in storytelling is a difficult skill to master, whether you’re talking about writing or filmmaking. In this episode we give our best tips for bringing the emotion into your story, making your readers feel a thrill, happiness or sadness, or the depth of love.

STP 045—Breaking Down Ready Player One

This week we reviewed Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, a book we all read over the last couple of weeks, and one of the most popular sci-fi cult classics in recent memory. Ready Player One deals with a future, crumbling Earth where most of society spends the greater part of their lives within OASIS, a virtual reality world like none other. A teenage boy named Wade unlocks the first clue in a worldwide Easter Egg hunt, the winner of which gains the untold wealth and power of OASIS’ creator, James Halliday.

This was a great review episode, so much so that we ran 16 minutes over time. Give it a listen.