STP 045—Breaking Down Ready Player One

This week we reviewed Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, a book we all read over the last couple of weeks, and one of the most popular sci-fi cult classics in recent memory. Ready Player One deals with a future, crumbling Earth where most of society spends the greater part of their lives within OASIS, a virtual reality world like none other. A teenage boy named Wade unlocks the first clue in a worldwide Easter Egg hunt, the winner of which gains the untold wealth and power of OASIS’ creator, James Halliday.

This was a great review episode, so much so that we ran 16 minutes over time. Give it a listen.

STP 044—FAQ From New Authors (Part 4)

We got so many more questions submitted after the last show that we decided to do another FAQ for this week’s show. We covered things like expressing your own opinions in your writing (whether you should or shouldn’t), writing multiple points of view, and the first stories all of us ever wrote.

STP 043—FAQ From New Authors (Part 3)

We decided we didn’t like the topic we’d picked for this week, so we went back to frequently asked questions from new authors. We covered a lot of good topics on this show, from how much it costs to self-publish, to pen names, to writing what you know.

STP 042—Making Time to Write, or Create

We’ve all been there. To some degree, Crissy’s still there. You’ve got a nine-to-five and a billion other things going on, too. How do you make the time to write, or create whatever art it is that you love to create?

Well, while Zach and Garrett are full-time writers, this can STILL be a problem. Check this episode out for our best practices to ensure that we DO make time to write, or create whatever we’re working on at the time.

STP 041—Keeping Track of Details

In this episode, we went over every method we have and use to keep track of details within our stories.

This is an important one.

From characters, to worlds, to events, to governments and societies, you’ve got to keep track of details or your plot will have massive holes throughout. So whether you keep it all in a big paper notebook, or have a crazy online mindmapping software that does it all for you, KEEP TRACK OF YOUR DETAILS.